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Admission Requirements for Bachelor Program "Computer Science and Engineering"

Requirements for admissions

Citizens of EU countries who have successfully completed their secondary education and possess a high school diploma that enables them to study at higher education institutions in the country where they have completed their secondary education can apply to the programs of specialty "Computer Sciences" by submitting a set of application documents. Documents required to apply:

1. Application form, containing some brief biographical data and the label of the applicant's desired program.

2. A cetified* copy of the Secondary School or College Diplomas and their Supplement(s).

3. A document, issued by competent authorities, which testifies to the right of the applicant to further his/her education at university level in the country where they have completed their secondary school/college education.

4. A Medical Certificate of Health issued within a month prior to the application date and verified by the competent authorities in the country from which the applicant submits his/her file.

5. Four recent passport-size photographs.

6. A photocopy of the page (or pages) of your passport / personal identification card that give your photo, name, date and place of birth and passport / ID card expiry date.

7. An original report providing the official score of the preliminary English exam test**.

8. A reference letter (or letters) in English or Bulgarian from an official of the faculty which you obtained in authority.

Note: Documents 1,2 and 3 should be translated, legally verified bt the consular service of Republic of Bulgaria in the country of issue. Only original seals and stamps are accepted.

* Certified copies are copies with an official stamp to verify that copies are true copies of original documents.

** The English language exam tests happen in the Technical University of Sofia.

IMPORTANT: An input English exam test for the students who has gone of the preparatory level of education in the Technical University of Sofia is not required. The students, that had failed in English exam test, have opportunity for them to enroll for preparatory level of education, offered by the Technical University of Sofia. The preparatory course duration is one year (2 semesters) and the following disciplines are educated: English Language, Mathematics, Informatics, Theory of Electrical Engineering, Physics.

Contact information for admissions:

Computer Science Graduate Admissions
Kl. Ohridski ave. #8
TU-Sofia, Block 1
Faculty of Computer Systems and Control
Department of Computer Systems
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Email:  sevinch_mehmed@tu-sofia.bg
Phone:(+359 2) 895172745