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Teaching Facilities

More than 550 students from the Technical University will be teached in a laboratory how to work with new internet by sixth generation (IPv6). This said the Deputy-Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Parvan Rusinov during the presentation of the technical equipment today. It is installed in the Faculty of Computer Systems and Management as continuation and second phase of the Project “6Deploy” of the European Commission.

In theory the exhaustion of the addresses in the present version of the Internet Protocol will happen between 2011 and 2013, said Parvan Rusinov. Because of that there is a recommendation of the European Commission for a gradually transition to a new protocol with more addresses in the global network. The new computers and servers, sold by the major producers are compatible with IPv6. The administration and the companies must train their network experts in order to be prepared.

In a distance form of learning, the Bulgarian laboratory may prepare students from other faculties and universities as well as representatives of the business. Here can be trained free key IT experts of the public administration, said in conclusion the Deputy-Minister.

(Source: http://www.mtitc.government.bg/page.php?category=92&id=4773  )